Week Two at Lemon Tree House


It is early morning as I write this and the sun is throwing soft yellow light on the hills.  Soon I will walk up to the next house to join fellow Lemon Tree House resident Jennie Lee (https://jennieleeyogatherapy.com)  in  her morning meditation. Jennie is the author of Breathing Love: Meditation in Action and True Yoga: Practicing With the Yoga Sutras for Happiness and Spiritual Fulfillment.


Florence buildings.jpg

This is the beginning of my second week at the residency and there is still so much I want to do and experience.  At the end of our very full first week people headed off for weekend adventures.  I joined a group for a day trip to Florence. I decided the best way to find Florence was to get lost, so I wandered the narrow streets exploring and discovering things around every corner – a carousel, a gelato stand, a narrow alleyway that led to a cathedral.

Bachus .jpg


When my feet got tired I sat outside the Uffizi Gallery and watched a Japanese painter who used small bits of salt in his watercolours to create a beautiful texture in his work. I purchased a small painting then moved along on my adventures, soaking in the art, sculpture and history. 


The shopping was amazing – shoes, purses, belts. Bellissimo! I found a pumpkin orange mohair sweater which has decided to come home with me.  After pizza and wine in a lovely little trattoria it was time to crawl back onto the bus for the ride back up into the Tuscan Hills. As wonderful as Florence was I was so happy to be back in the woods again. Florence was loud and hot and full of crowds of people and it is so quiet and peaceful in Camporsevoli  


morning meditation overlooking the hills

morning meditation overlooking the hills

 I have just returned from my morning meditation with Jennie Lee.  We were joined by Fizza, an artist from Pakistan.  We sat outside in the morning sun together for a twenty-minute meditation. I felt completely present in the moment, feeling the sun on my back and listening to the birds and being so grateful to be here in this place.

So now it is time to go to my writing spot, at the table on the outside terrace, and see what words the day brings forth.