March 22nd 2017

Wake the Stone Man was voted winner of Frye Academy VIII by a jury of bilingual high school students at the Frye Festival.

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"A difficult, powerful story of friendship and hard truths, Wake the Stone Man is a raw and important Canadian story."

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McDougall visits Bookclubs

“Thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with Carol McDougall! Her beautifully rendered novel asks us to contemplate uncomfortable truths, and to consider the journeys through them to a place of love and compassion.”

Paula Sarson, Halifax book group member

                     Jules" Tools for Change Interview in All Lit Up  

                     Jules" Tools for Change Interview in All Lit Up


The Miramichi Reader

 " It  helps us to see that being a silent witness to any type of social injustice is no longer acceptable.  We need to Wake the Stone Man within us all".

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"Stone Man is masterful, rich, profound, and important. I loved it and am in awe."

 -author, Jill Bryant

"Like a haunted house, outsiders were curious about these schools, but avoided speaking about them, because the truth was typically too scary to imagine. "



"Carol McDougall's novel Wake the Stone Man is a love story...The heart of her story, and the enduring friendship and estrangement between Molly and Nakina, is an exploration of racism and abuse.  McDougall writes of graphic events and, in using plain language, leaves the reader to make their own judgements about what transpires.  It is an effective technique.."

" you may just walk away determined to make the world a better place. Very few novels can attest to having that power."

Sukasa Reads  

"McDougall's writing is brave, fierce, funny and wise.  We are better and we know better - after having read Wake the Stone Man."

-author, Sheree Fitch 

"I haven't met a young woman like Molly since Flavia in Alan Bradley's books.  Honest and mouthy.  Love her!"

author,  Linda Granfield