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Shanda LaRamee-Jones and Carol McDougall are the creative spirits behind the Baby Steps Series.

Co-authors Shanda LaRamee-Jones and Carol McDougall bring together their backgrounds in education, literacy, children’s publishing and early reading promotion in the creation of Baby Steps, a series of board books specifically developed for baby’s first years.


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Tummy Time Friends is a fun, accordion-style book that can be unfolded on the floor to entertain your baby during tummy time (an important developmental activity that helps to strengthen baby’s neck and back muscles). Babies love to look at faces, and both sides of this dual-sided book feature smiling baby faces. Your baby will love saying hello to their new tummy time friends and will delight in gazing at their own face reflected in the mirror at the centre of the book. This book is perfect for new parents, baby programs, or baby shower gifts.